Are you curious looking for passion

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While the question itself is pretty straightforward, it can feel uncomfortable to share your personal interests with a complete stranger. Will the interviewer write you off as someone who will lack the interest and drive to complete their daily job duties? If an interviewer asks you this question, chances are the reason behind it is simple: They want to get to know you better, says Muse career coach Al Dea.

It will come off as inauthentic and only hurt your chances of being hired. This is the easiest scenario to be in, since you can draw a direct line between what you love to do outside of work and the actual job duties.

For example, when I started playing World of Warcraft, I really hated the interface, so I wanted to try to write my own. I had to teach myself a new coding language, Lua, and seek out communities that supported that language, and communities of other people who were modding the same game. I really enjoyed the process of discovery and getting feedback from the community.

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It's exactly why I enjoy what I do all day as an engineer. Most employers want you to have a life outside of work and do what makes you happy.

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Of course, knitting also requires a keen attention to detail and a lot of patience. Luckily, as an ant I have cultivated both of those qualities! You probably spend every spare minute on it and have no intention of giving it up, even after you land a new role.

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You might say something like:. In fact, all of my vacation time in the past few years has been used to travel around the country to compete.

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Playing this sport has given me drive and focus, and makes me even more productive at work so I can complete my tasks efficiently and still have time for training. Maybe you have several interests and hobbiesbut not one that sticks out as a main focus. If this sounds like you, Dea recommends thinking about where your time is focused.

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If you had a free day where you could do anything you wanted, how would you spend that time? To tie this in with work-related skills, you could say something like:. Suppose you spend a lot of time at the gym—you can try an answer like this:. I work out four or five times a week and keep a daily journal of my meals.

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This has helped me stay disciplined, learn what works for me and where I can improve, and keep track of my short- and long-term fitness goals. Stories and advice for Pride Month and beyond .

Are you curious looking for passion

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“I Don’t Know What My Passion Is” — The Perfect Solution.