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A dog was reaching for a snack when he accidentally started a Lake Orion house on fire. Michigan State Police said a stolen Dodge Charger led them on a chase through the city of Detroit before running out of gas Thursday morning. Rumors about a run for governor have swirled around the former police chief after he retired from his position in law enforcement in June.

Each family's incoming checks could look a little different depending on how much one makes and the age of their children.

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An expanded tax credit for parents is expected to life tens of thousands of kids in Detroit and millions around the country out of poverty. Staffers barred her entry saying she was banned after her face was scanned - saying Lamya was involved in a brawl at the skating rink back in March.

But there was one problem. A local roller skating rink is coming under fire for its use of facial recognition software, after a teenager was banned for allegedly getting into a brawl there.

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On July 6th he was driving his mother's car in the area of Eight Mile and Rex on Detroit's east side when police say someone shot into the car, killing J'Quan and wounding his friend. According to the inspector general's report started with the Indianapolis FBI field office, who initially blew off the case inand failed to report the allegations against Larry Nassar to the Lansing FBI or local authorities - which could have stopped the abuse of at least 40 victims.

Findings of an investigation say that had the FBI acted upon information when abuse was first reported, at least 40 more student-athletes would not have become victims of the disgraced ex-sports doctor at Michigan State. Detroit Public Schools Community District is partnering with the city's health department to launch a blitz to get kids 12 and up vaccinated.

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A year-old Ypsilanti Township woman is facing three months in prison for contempt of court after she was ordered to destroy her medical marijuana plants she was growing in her home. Derek Kevra has the latest on rain gardens, but not in a place you would normally expect.

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A thief used a U-Haul truck to steal air conditioning condensing units from townhomes in Ferndale. Those that were granted funds after selecting one of those reasons received letters recently informing them that they'll need to resubmit claims for unemployment relief based on the new guidelines approved by the U. A truck was used to steal two air conditioning condensers from townhomes in Ferndale.

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A dog accidentally started a house fire while trying to grab food from the counter. A Cane Corso puppy fell headfirst into a manhole in Detroit.

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A dog is going to be OK after falling into a manhole. Prev 1 2 3 Next.

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