Car date or u host

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To see vehicles available for delivery, location and travel dates.

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Some hosts offer delivery to more than one place, so be sure to choose the correct location when you book. If so, we require the host to disclose that information in their vehicle listing. The delivery fee covers the cost of both drop off and pickup. You must pay for delivery via the Turo app or website.

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Paying hosts directly violates our Gray market transaction policy and Terms of Service. If the host plans to cover the cost of parking, they have two options for doing so. The second option is for your host to leave the parking fee amount in cash in the vehicle and tell you where to find it.

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But once the trip is booked, you can request to change your delivery pickup or drop off location. Once the trip is in progress you can still request to change the drop off location. The new location must be one where the host already offers delivery, or it must be within their custom delivery radius.

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Your host has 8 hours or less, if your trip starts or ends sooner than that to approve or decline your request. If the price for the new delivery location is different than that for the original, it may change your delivery fee.

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Only changes processed through the system are valid. If you try to drop off the vehicle after the effective date, there will be no place where you can legally leave the car. Injunction violations can have serious legal consequences for you and for Turo.

Your host may have included delivery instructions in their vehicle listing, so check there for more information.

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Turo has delivery agreements at certain airports that specify where guests and hosts can pick up and drop off vehicles. Hosts aren't permitted to ask guests for a ride home after delivering their vehicle. if your host makes such a request. The trip begins when you receive the keys or unlock a remote vehicle. The fuel used and mileage driven by your host to deliver the car is their responsibility, not yours.

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Take a photo of the fuel level and odometer reading when you receive and when you return the vehicle. Booking a car with delivery To see vehicles available for delivery, location and travel dates.

Car date or u host

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