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The well-stocked CD jukebox could blurt out anything from Violent Femmes to Taylor Swift, and the U-shaped bar forces you to at least look at, if not chat with, that nice older couple across the way. When To Go: Anytime. Pro Tip: The Long Island iced teas might hurt you. Take one of the half-dozen seats at the bar, ask owners Suzanne and Joe Fessler for a beer, and order a cheeseburger. When To Go: Saturday, for lunch. Pro Tip: If you get onion on your burger, get it grilled. Pike St.

On our visit, the bartender handed us a basket of peanut-butter filled pretzels, winning the prize for best bar snack ever. Pro Tip: Free pool on Thursdays! When To Go: Daylight hours only. Pro Tip: Order the fried bologna sandwich. No hairy eyeball here—everyone welcomed us in and chatted us up. When To Go: Saturday afternoon. Or whenever Dallas Moore is playing. Pro Tip: This bar is biker-friendly. Wine Bars Where to enjoy the fruit of the vine. When To Go: Skip the crowd; go for a nightcap. Pro Tip: They serve house-seasoned Bugles as a bar snack. Eat them.

Fifteen wines are available by the half-glass or full-glass, and the list is expertly curated in the order-anything-and-never-be-disappointed way. When To Go: Happy hour 3—7 p. Pro Chat Taft Southwest drinks dinner Get the meat and cheese plate. The wood walls and repurposed bottles as light fixtures add mellow charm.

Blind drinking too much like blind dating? Flip the card over and imbibe with full knowledge of the vintage and tasting notes like arugula and pencil shavings. Wines from all flights are available by the glass, too. When To Go: Weeknights anytime; it gets packed at peak weekend hours. Pro Tip: No corkage fees on Mondays. Music Bars Shake your groove thang while you sip.

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Especially fine in the months when one can haunt the outdoor gardens and pat your foot to oom-pah beats under the grapevine trellis. They have music several times a week, a canny combination of authentic German bands and indie rock. Pro Tip: Not a place to be extemporizing on your knowledge of soccer unless, you know, you have some.

University Ave. Enter and transform into a blues and funk, and disco, and jazz drenched scenario. When To Go: The first Sunday of every month the local blues scene represents in full force. Pro Tip: Do not be messing around at the pool table. Do not. The biggest, the Sanctuary Room, sports a dandy bar with sound beer prices at one end and a pipe organ at the other. The Lounge is the place to hang before and after you hear something in the big room. Pro Tip: Avoid the small, tough-to-navigate parking lot. Sixth St. The bar has rotating taps and friendly barkeeps, and the music features local-to-national acts virtually every night of the week—well-considered bills of indie, punk, backpack hip-hop, and beyond.

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Romantic Bars Looking for a little privacy? The courtyard fire pit is the perfect place to meet your partner in crime. When To Go: Try dinner hour and you might score a seat at the teeny bar. Pro Tip: Hours are seasonal; check the website before you visit. Get there early and score a spot by the roaring fire, and if all goes well, you can quite literally get a room. Pro Tip: Order off the menu from the on-site National Exemplar restaurant. Ran out of stuff to talk about? Hey, look at those crazy seahorses! When To Go: After work. Pro Tip: Ask for the happy hour menu 4 to 7 p.

Fifth St. When To Go: When not to go? Pro Tip: Want to get to know your date? Order one of dozens of by-the-glass pours with the crostini chevre, served with cognac compote and fresh berries. When To Go: The patio is perfect Chat Taft Southwest drinks dinner sunny late afternoons. Pro Tip: Pours are generous. Pace yourself. When To Go: Weekdays, right after work. It fills up fast. Pro Tip: Grab a spot at the bar with the complimentary pretzel sticks.

The menu is heavy on the current trends—bourbon, rye, gin, bitters, vermouth—but the care and attention to detail comes through. When To Go: On a date. Bartenders are friendly and know their stuff. Named after the Traffic album The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, the vibe and cocktail menu are appropriately retro: the Baya Sour tequila, lime, rhubarb bitters, raspberries, agave uses egg whites—now en vogue again—to give the margarita-esque drink a frothy finish, while the Roxanne gin, lemon, grapefruit, prosecco is like a boozy, sparkling lemonade.

When To Go: While waiting for a table at Salazar. Or The Eagle. Or Zula. Or… 15 W. Sports Bars The next best thing to being at the game.

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When To Go: Pre, post, or during football games. Third St. Practically every sect of Cincinnati soccer supporters claims the friendly Covington bar as its regional home for downing a pint of Guinness during a Saturday morning fixture. When To Go: Early weekend mornings. Pro Tip: Fiddles take the stage on Tuesday nights.

Fourth St. The Oak Tavern makes a conscious effort to feature the best games on five indoor TVs plus two on the outdoor patioregardless of sport. Pro Tip: The smoked wings are worth the mess. Crew gingham shirt uniform, popped collar optional. Outfitted with 31 TVs, the bar attracts a college-aged crowd ready to chug Bud Lights and is usually the last spot to shut down on the Banks. Just remember: Uber is your friend. When To Go: After the seventh inning stretch.

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Pro Tip: Post-work happy hour has a more laid back vibe. Brew Pubs Get your beer fix here. The color-coded menu dark beers are purple, hoppy ones are green, etc.

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Pro Tip: The stools are extra-tall. Pro Tip: Be careful—it can be a bit too dark in there. You might find something unexpected, like Mt. When To Go: Weekend evenings, early. Pro Tip: Four-and eight-ounce pours are available. A late renovation gave Shady Lane more taps 20! When To Go: On Thursdays, craft beers are 75 cents off. Restaurant Bars Food and drink worth your time.

Too potent? Test the waters with their nectar del diablo, a mezcal-based citrus and chile margarita. Or switch gears entirely and sip a peppery michelada —think Bloody Mary, but finished with Victoria a Mexican lager instead of vodka. When To Go: Weekday lunch, if you can take your time. Bernardus Abt. When To Go: Nothing says blissful brunch like beer and waffles.

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Pro Tip: Seize the chance to try a new brew. Falanghina, a lesser-known white grape, is prized for its clean flavor and balanced acidity. When To Go: The earlier the better.

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Bros, besties, and business associates all rub shoulders come 5 p. When To Go: After dark. The Moorish lanterns lend a certain magic. in. Log into your. up. Password recovery. Subscribe Advertise Archives. Forgot your password? Get help. Cincinnati Magazine. Drinking News. Facebook Comments.

Chat Taft Southwest drinks dinner

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