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Enrollment will be open for all students in the community who would benefit from personalized, one-on-one instruction to be successful in high school. Texas has approximately 3. Within the EISD, 91 percent of students get free or reduced-price lunch, which is ificantly higher than the statewide average.

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We want to ensure as many opportunities as possible are available to our students, so they can accomplish the goal of graduating high school and building a better future for themselves. This partnership allows us to connect with students who may feel graduation is not a possibility, but we are here to tell them it is!

Click to tweet: Opportunity Youth in San Antonio will have a new option this summer for a flexible and personalized high school education. Learn4LifeSchools OpportunityYouth. For 20 years, Learn4Life has committed to breaking the dropout cycle by creating classrooms of one for at-risk students who have struggled in traditional schools and fallen so far behind, they lose the opportunity to graduate with their classmates. Through a personalized learning model, students receive one-on-one support, a flexible schedule, wrap-around services and job skills training — all with trauma-informed practices.

Seventy-four percent are from low-income households, many are pregnant or parenting, and most enroll after dropping out, more than a year behind in credits. Its trauma-informed approach helps teens develop resilience to support a positive transition Edgewood Texas teen free adulthood after they earn their diplomas. Learn4Life is successful with 90 percent of its students — reengaging them in their education, helping them graduate, and preparing them for a life beyond high school with job training and placement.

Nearly half enroll in post-secondary education after graduating from Learn4Life. Each Learn4Life teacher is responsible for about 35 students — unlike most high school teachers who have as many as students. Putting students back into schools means putting money back into the state. Instead of creating a lifelong drain on public resources, the thousands of dropouts saved go on to become productive, contributing members of society.

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Every dropout who earns their diploma is six times more likely to vote [1] ; 67 percent less likely to be unemployed [2] and six times less likely to be incarcerated [3]. The school is located at S. Enrollment is now open at Learn4Life. No One is 5. Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California. February Written By: Ann Abajian.

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Article Next Article. Press Releases. Now is the Worst Time to Hinder School Choice While legislation is being considered to aid public schools in dealing with the remote learning…. View News.

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Edgewood Texas teen free

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New High School for At-risk Students Coming to San Antonio