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Hi, I am Zaddu from a city located in Andhra Pradesh.

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I am being a very practical man never want to miss the opportunity to fuck my relatives friends and girl friends and I love to fuck middle age married aunties and fresh girls and today I am going to narrate a story happen In my 12th class. First of all I need to describe myself.

I have been fucking my gf from my schooling and got bored fucking her and searching for new pussy to fuck.

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At last I found Anu name changed in our class who was not so slim little bulgy and folds at the waist are the sexy assets in her body i think her sizes may be I kept lusting her from the day one i saw her. As the days passed I broke up from my relation and waiting for a new one and suddenly anu flashed in my mind and started texting her and calling her she also started responding positively and paced up my sex desires and I went on planning to fuck her.

I started thinking how to make love to her in a wonderful manner that she always want to have it and read this Indiansexstories site and practised some positions and went to her house buying ipill tablet and 3 condom packs for safety.

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There is is already prepared and had bath freshly and wearing a cotton chuddidhar as soon as I enterd in I started kissing her and tried to remove her dress but I cant as i was tight so so understood my problem and she removed her dress and I too removed mine and she was in her black netted panty and black bra and i was in my underwear in the mean time my 5 inches cook was rock hard and waiting to enter her hot pussy.

She gazed at my cock and knell down in front of me and removed my undi and started playing with my cock and started licking like an ice cream and i started enjoying the feel and i said oye anu manam inka challa denginchukovalli illa nuvvu chikithee neenu ippudee vadilestha we need to do more if u go on licking like this i may release and it takes time to regain its hardness she said parvaledhuu manaki 2 days time undhee naku nee sulla nchindhee naku idhee kavali its ok i like your cock i need this we have 2 days time and at last i cummed in her mouth and she drank it.

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And slowly I reached her pussy area and it was clean shaved and i started licking and inserted my tounge into the fuck hole and started playing with it and she locked my head with her sexy thighs and i struggled to breathe freely. And she cummed 3 times and my whole face and my chest was wet. And i slept on bed for some time to relax and she went out to her kitchen nude and brought me some drink and sat beside me and started kissing me and said that she had cummed 7 times during our 1st fucking section and after watching t.

We started bathing and there i fucked her one more time and on that day I fucked her 8 times and slept on her nude and suddenly her mother came in and saw us in that position and started scolding her and saw my raised cock and she also seduced and got fucked by me infront of her daughter I will tell you that story in next part [ protected] and I will satisfy you for sure.

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