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The question is which will make it to the arena level first.

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Love and Rockets has a commanding head start. This is a frequently electrifying band, asserting a sort of dark Led Zeppelin force--the kind of seductive, almost unnerving musical spell that is at the heart of true heavy metal music, not the tedious, cartoonish bombast of the many bands associated with the genre these days.

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Besides the strong tow of the music itself, Addiction has a compelling front man in Perry Farrell, who appears so committed to a renegade rock spirit that he gives off the illusion that almost anything can happen on stage. The latter reference was especially appropriate when Farrell performed at least one entire song with his genitalia in clear view through a wide opening in his bicycle-type spandex pants.

After intermission, Love and Rockets arrived on stage amid a barrage of smoke, strobe lights and other psychedelic-era relics that seemed to delight the mostly college-age crowd, but distracted from the underlying talent and artistic promise of the band. The irony is the band does have superior songs, lots of them in the new album--crisp, concise, flavorful s that deal convincingly with concrete matters of self-identity and personal ideals.

If the band concentrated on the older tunes because they figured fans might not be familiar with songs from the just-released album, it was a bad. A group Irvine weekend love the verge of a creative breakthrough should be bursting to play its new songs, regardless of audience reaction. Whatever, Love and Rockets has the potential to be a major band--artistically and commercially. We should know about their fiber and future when they return to Southern California in March.

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Irvine weekend love

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