Ltr Montpelier and maybe more

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Try them and you will use no other. G Ovrt1tU. We are Headquarters for Playing Cards. Special low price by the dozen. You can save money by making your purchases In our lines of us. Floating islands are generally the re sult of tiie overflowing and the wah lug away of river banks. Others are formed bj the twisted roots of the bog rusb and matter trees which year after year have drifted slowly down the streams, forming a solid mass or raft npon which a gradual deposit of vege table mold is formed and fitted for the luxuriant growth of plants.

Still others are formed by aquatic plants, with large, fiat leaves, like a lily pad, which become a mass of solid matter floated by the autumn floods down the rivers and eventually out into the open sea, where they are soon dashed to pieces and destroyed. Along the Amazon, Rio de la Plata and their tributaries wonderful sights are frequently seen on the hundreds of floating islands as they gracefully pass by, driven by the wind and current on their seaward Journey, sometimes measuring nearly a mile in length.

Amid the dense foliage the observer wiH behold numerous tropical animals in strangely - mingled companionship crocodiles, monkeys, storks, wildcats and snakes assembled together as one family and regarding one another with hostility and mistrust Parrots and squirrels are frequent passengers, and In this odd way of traveling, sometimes thousands of miles, they find themselves transported to new and strange localities far from their native homes. Great alarm Is sometimes caused among the inhabitants of the towns and villages along these rivers by strange and ferocious animals prowling Ltr Montpelier and maybe more the streets, having been washed ashore during the night One of the most remarkable passengers aboard one of these natural floats was a small Indian boy found drifting on an Island near Buenos Ayres.

How long be bad been drifting or bow be happened to be there could not be found out but be had nearly succumbed from hunger and long expo sure. Floating islands are also the means of various seeds and rare plants being carried to foreign soil thousands of miles distant from their starting place, but often only to fade and perish from the extreme change of climate.

Not alone to South American rivers are these "homeless wanderers," as they are sometimes known, common, lut In Africa, on the Kongo, are found floating isles green with foliage, brll 11a nt with flowers and covered with birds of gorgeous plumage, being waft ed along by the wind, sometimes sink ing from sight sometimes rising on the crest of a wave like a duck in the wake of a boat On the Mississippi are found numerous islands that float The existence of vast forests bordering the banks for this phenomenon, as the gfudual wearing away of the earth causes sections of the mainland to become disconnected and to slowly proceed down the river, frequently block ading the channel, so that in many places a safe passage Is impossible.

One of the largest of these floating Islands ever known on Ltr Montpelier and maybe more greatest American river was ten miles in length, yards wide and about eight feet deep, rising and falling with the water, yet covered with luxuriant trees some sixty feet in height This great island so obstructed the river that the state of Louisiana had to take steps to dispose of the raft and openwhich required the space of nearly four years to complete. History tells us that islands made from reeds, which were not only mov ed about by the wind, but by oars, were the means of the escape of many Roman citizens during the Mithridatic wars.

Indian legends are full of interesting stories of the marvelous es capes of fugitives on "camelotes, which were floating islands composed of green rafts of canes or brushwood. The wondrous floating gardens of Mexico, though little heard of today, were at one time famous for their great beauty. A foundation made of a sort of wlckerwork which was over spread with clay, manure and rich mold was formed in such a way as to float npon which maize, vegetables and other useful plants were raised, It is said that at one time the city of Mexico received an ample supply of fresh vegetables from these floating gardens.

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Many of the gardens were large enough for a tree and a little hut which sheltered the farmer from the sun and rain, while to others, not being suffi ciently large to bear the weight of man, the farmer was compelled to row in a boat and from It attend to his daily la bors. Cucumbers and melons were among the most successful crops, Numerous flowers and odoriferous plants were also abundantly grown and used for the houses of the nobility and for the worship of the gods. One of the peculiar advantages this custom had over the more usual manner of gardening was that when the person desired to remove from a disagreeable neighborhood to a new situation or change to a location nearer his family he could conduct his garden wherever he pleased, and at any time, by means of a small boat or by the use of oars.

In Kashmir the floating gardens or islands are spoken of as being remarkably beautiful In their high state of cultivation. The city of Kashmir being divided into many isolated portions by lakes and narrow streams, the low ground is very likely to be suddenly verflowed, and in order to avoid the loss which such a flood would probably cause the Inhabitants made their gardens on small floating Islands which drifted about over the smooth surface of the lakes.

The zoological garden of Buenos Ayres have received an addition of about fifty different species of tropical animals resetted from th islands passing dowa the Ri de la Piata. M jrterima Harvest f Death la a Haaatea Hat. We were forced to camp three days at the mouth of the Bio Frio, which empties into Lake Nicaragua just where the aa Juan begins. We were ed there by a party of German dentists who were making a Ltr Montpelier and maybe more of the Central American republics. There were seven in the party and two na tive guides. They had lost a tent in crossing the rapids, and one of them was forced to sleep in an old deserted hut buried in the wild foliage.

He was a young Leipsie student of flue physique and beloved by all his compan ions. The natives bad tried to dis suade him from sleeping in the hut telling him that the place was haunted. They asserted that whoever slept there was always found dead next morning, with a mark of a black cross on the neck Just over the main artery.

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As a proof of what they said they showed two ominous looking mounds buried in the shrubbery near the hut which, they said, were the graves of two Englishmen who had sought shel ter in the haunted casa. Tradition had It that some crime or sacrilege bad been committed there and that as a punishment whoever slept In the hut was found dead In the morning with the crux nigra on the neck. Herf Shilbach, however, was not to be deterred by any such super stition, as be called It So about 10 o'clock he retired to his hut and noticed bis torch was out in a few minutes and all was darkness.

We had paid no attention to the story of the natives, but as Herr Shilbach did not answer the bugle call for breakfast the Indians were ordered to summon him. It was only under threats that they yielded, but scarcely bad they en tered the but when we beard the most frightful screams, and the next min ute the guides were rushing wildly to ward us, shouting In broken Spanish and Indian: "Epia la crux nigra, la crnz nigra! II senor Is dead! Ja mm Well. Bright sayings are often to be beard In the courts, and they enliven a dull and tiresome day.

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At one time Sergeant Manning, a very nervous man, was arguing a case before the Judges of the common pleas. He had a Ltr Montpelier and maybe more of books before him, almost enough to constitute a li brary. While be was reading the report of one of the cases a of books tumbled off the table In front of him. Read the same case again out of the one you have in your band. The Old Mai of the Moaatala. Banished from his country, he took up his abode on Mount Lebanon, gathered a band of followers and soon became the terror of Jews, Christians and Turks.

They all obeyed bis orders implicitly In the belief that they would receive choice rewards In the Joys of paradise. These assassins, as his followers were called among themselves, rode roughshod over the country for about years. Whenever their chief, the Old Man of the Mountain, thought himself injured, he sent a band of these men secretly to murder the Ltr Montpelier and maybe more, and it was from this that our word assassin originally took Its meaning.

You could pick out a clergyman as far as you could see him, and It was much the same with lawyers. Nowadays preachers and pleaders wear raiment which makes them look like prosperous business men or high toned sports, and they seem to be more approachable and companionable, whether they are or not But the greatest change In this re spect has taken place among the physicians, not so much their clothes, perhaps, as their manner.

I can remember when the old fashioned doctor entered a sickroom you felt that the jig was up, even If yon were suffering from noth ing more serious than a scratched ear, and you were sorry you hadn't led a better life. He'd tiptoe in with a face that reached from his forehead to his knees, clear his throat whisper to mother, take out his watch, feel for your pulse and gaze gloomily Into space the spacleat farthest away space ever.

Then he'd whisper to mother again, write a prescription and steal out "'Is there no hope? I used to ask mother. They're cheerful and breery when they appear, an odor of fresh air and maybe the smell of a cigar are clinging to them, and they laugh at your fears and talk out loud. That's a sight better than medicine In most cases. The trouble Is I don't often have the luck to b lately.

Here is a problem for people with sharp eyes: As we all know, a bona when walking or trotting advances only one leg of each pair at a time, bat wbea galloping lifts both forefeet together and then both hind feet New, the question is how other animals manage this matter. The birds, of coarse, flap Loth wings together, but which birds run and which hop? We human, beings trof when we walk and "gallop" when we swim that is.

If we are using the plain breast stroke. Tbe dog, boa ever, "trots" for both. Now, da the amphibious animalsthe seals, otters and the rest swim like men or like other four footed creatures? Then there are the fish.

One wouU rather expect that a they move their tails from side to side, they would flap alternately with the fins, which are their hands and feet Who can tell whether they do or not and whether all fish at all times follow one rulet By tbe way, bow does a frog use its "hands?

Few people can tell on which system the caterpillar manages Its dozen or so legs or whether the adult Insect walks, trots, p tees or gallops on Its six. Altogether, this Is a large field for observation, a field, too, where any one may discover new facts as yet unrecorded, and thus sdd to tbe store of knowledge. The Breathla Earth. That the earth breathes Is a well known scientific fact It is often to be verified by that peculiar earthy smell which arises immediately after a thunderstorm, the lowering of the barometric pressure causing the flow upward of air, just as it is once mora squeezed downward when the barometer rises.

A resident of Geneva discovered a natural barometer at Fer-ney-Voltaire. It Is i deep natural well or cave with a very small opening. When this opening Js made small enough Just to fit a whistle the different sounds as the earth Inhales or ex-bales the sir warn the neighbors of the coming weather. MK llllnwiu. Hair preparations and dandruff cores.

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Hair, when not diseased, grows naturally, luxuriantly. Dandruff is the cause of nine-tenths of ail hair trouble, and dandruff is caused by a germ. The only way to cure dandruff Is to kill the germ; and, so far. It allays itching Instantly; makes hair glossy and soft as silk.

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Ltr Montpelier and maybe more

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